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The Company

Sicame is actively involved in design & manufacturing of specialist equipment for LV & MV Overhead & Underground distribution systems, safety and personal protection, earthing, transmission line & string fittings including high temperature conductor fittings up to or exceeding 500kV. Products for ADSS & OPGW & enclosures for fibre-optic systems. Including a range of products designed for the industrial & commercial market.

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Products & Catalogue

With a strong reputation as the leading manufacturer and supplier of Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cable (LVABC) Insulation Piercing Connectors and associated equipment Sicame Australia have a large and established range of products that are catalogued here to showcase our expertise.

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Where We Are

Head office and manufacturing is located in Yatala, Queensland, located mid-point between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. A distribution and a sales office are also located in Sydney, New South Wales. With the organization focused on local growth, there is also company representation in Perth Western Australia.

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Pizza lunch at Sicame Yatala Factory

Following the events of Tropical Cyclone Debbie, a sharp increase in demand was experienced for a wide range of Sicame Australia products as Energy Queensland began the arduous task of repairing the damaged networks in Northern Queensland.

This placed increased pressure on our Brisbane production facility and factory staff to increase output much of which was urgently required.

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New Product Development - 2 Bolt HSC

Sample image

The 2-bolt house service connector (HSC) was developed from a customer need to have a built in redundancy to ensure a long-term positive connection for the neutral connector. This is most important since introduction of plastic water piping into domestic homes. The additional connecting bolts ensure the reliability of the M.E.N system

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Feature Product - Piranha Range

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The Piranha range of connectors have been able to fill a gap in the market place where a customer needed to connect multiple phases in a bus bar situation where it had to remain fully insulated, waterproof and safe from accidental contact. The piranha overcomes issues where connections have to be undertaken in pits, pillars, cabinets where water, moisture or accidental electrical contact could be an issue.

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Message from MD

Sicame Australia MD

We are very mindful of the need to keep our customers and future customers informed on what we are achieving and the availability of products to meet their needs. We believe our website will allow our customers to easily access the full range of our products, keep up to date on changes and also be informed of new products and services. The added feature is a comprehensive catalogue and an efficient inquiry and response system. 

Mr. Rory Solomon, Managing Director of Sicame Australia.

Special Projects

Sicame Australia joins forces with Tykoflex of Sweden. Tykoflex design and manufacture a comprehensive range of state of the art, stainless steel fibre optic enclosures. The designs of T240 enclosures are expandable, highly robust and can be used in both overhead and underground installations. Once you have a T240 enclosure, you will never go back to plastic enclosures.

+ Expandable
+ Large work area
+ Flexible
+ Robust in the most harshest environment from -40ºC to +70ºC
+ Large fibre bending radius
+ Up to 2304 fibres and up to 77 ports.
+ Easy to use
+ Time saving
+ Tight and positive sealing for over pressure and vacuum

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