Feature Product - Piranha Range


PHM235185 PHS2650 PHM516185

The Piranha range of connectors have been able to fill a gap in the market place where a customer needed to connect multiple phases in a bus bar situation where it had to remain fully insulated, waterproof and safe from accidental contact. The piranha overcomes issues where connections have to be undertaken in pits, pillars, cabinets where water, moisture or accidental electrical contact could be an issue.


For the waterproof, underground or overhead connectionof up to 6 cables. Ideal for:

+ connecting cables in pillar boxes

+ connections in underground pits

+ connections in streetlight columns.

+ underground to overhead transitions (UGOH)

+ buried service connections

+ almost any ‘wet’ environment



+ waterproof to IP67 equivalent

+ fully insulated. No exposed live components

+ torque controlling shear head bolts for correct contact pressure

+ no need to strip cable

+ no resins or heat shrink required

+ flexible sealing cable ports that are not affected by the angle of cable entry

+ fitted with push-on protective bolt caps


The Piranhas are an ideal connection solution for an array of wet area and underground power distribution applications. Wherever you need to distribute power in a wet or humid environment such as underground, there is a Piranha to suit. The Piranha connectors are suitable for any power distribution systems such as caravan parks, retirement villages, residential sub divisions, private public lighting, sporting complexes, marinas, industrial complexes and multiple occupancy sites are all ideal applications for the Piranha. Piranha connectors are safe and easy to install. The result: increased reliability and cost effectiveness.